UNICEF Benefit Concert

Notable Comments:

I believe in beauty even sometimes its hard to find it. Watching this video moved me so much because I could see it.

Congratulations Gene for your gifts and thank you for sharing this wonderful moment!

Jorge Brizuela Sr.

2 thoughts on “UNICEF Benefit Concert

  1. This is not the right platform to sum up excuses and/or possible causes, but somehow I (unintended..) let one of the most special, nearly undefinable ‘internet-bonds’ I ever had with someone, ‘desintegrate’…
    This bond was/(is, I hope..;) with Gene Emerson. At the time of our first contact just 13/14 y.o.: thirty years (!) younger than myself.. Nevertheless she became an equal and genuine Soulmate in no-time. The fact that this literally took just two or three letters and sharing a few of our own original piano-compositions, is still as much ‘unimaginable’ as it is ‘real’.. I remember Gene once wrote to me when she just started to compose, that I somehow became a sort of ‘teacher’. Watching this impressive benefit concert makes me feel ‘proud’: who’s teaching who by now?… I realize that I actually ‘missed’ almost two years of Gene’s personal and musical development, but to notice that Gene has become (or even better: still is) an artist who deserves to be taken serious, by all of us. In 2011 I wrote “Of Russia and Canada; a Story in Two Micromovements” (piano-solo) for Gene in a time we were, yet living thousands of miles away from eachother, more ‘connected-than-imaginable’ on just ‘digital-based’ contact… And now, of all pieces, it’s this one that led me back to Gene and this video: loyal and dedicated as I know her, she commented on ‘our piece’ again yesterday: a rather emotional moment for me.
    Dear Gene, you are a gift to all who are able to connect with you and your music. You inspired me more than one can imagine..
    With love and respect, your friend and colleague,

    Baz Odink
    Independent Music Professional,
    The Netherlands.

    • Dear friend Baz,

      Your soulful letter, in all its directness on my website, represents your profound sensitivity as a true artist. Your most beautiful composition “Of Russia and Canada; a Story in two Micromovements” is a testament that has endured the test of time and prevailing challenges. It shows that true and genuine art will never die. In fact, time will prove its true essence and value. I recall from my old channel a comment that I made on this piece, that in a thousand years people would listen to your “Of Russia and Canada… “and want to know the story behind it.

      Right from the outset, based on our open line of communication and sincere devotion to originality in art and music, we were able to share our thoughts and ideas. In fact because of you, my family and I become aware of the great Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu and traveled all the away to Romania. We visited his hometown village, his memorial house and paid our respect to his tomb.

      I have been always very grateful to your kind words, generous encouragement and support to my music and I always followed you on youtube. When I learned of the loss of your beloved mother, I felt that I must express my deep sympathy and condolences to a wonderful friend and artist. So really, there was never any interruption spiritually, as I have always valued the platonic and artistic bonds between us.

      Warm greetings,

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