10 thoughts on “Original Compositions

  1. Gene, in regards to your “Autumn Dance”, your viola player is absolutely amazing. What makes his playing so special is his performance of a totally brand new composition, created in the 21 century by a young composer. I love classical music, and when I go to a concert or listen to a piece of music, I ask myself how many times I have listened to this particular piece over and over again and then when I look around, I see the empty seats around me. I feel that we need fresh blood to change the situation and bring about a dynamic, vibrating new atmosphere to revolutionize and create a deep interest in classical and modern classical music for both young and old generations.

    When I see the surge in interests in classical music in China among young people, and how right now, 70 million young Chinese are learning to play classical music, I become very optimistic. Also I see how young and talented pianists like Lang Lang, Yundi and others are changing the world and interests in classical music, I am overwhelmed with joy. However, I think young composers like you who are genuinely dedicated to originality, play a very special role here. You and young composers like you, are indeed opening a new path that is going to bring about a new change. A new change against the empty, superficial “pop culture” that has no soul and only seeks glamour, fame and money. They come and go and soon are forgotten.

    Please continue on this noble path and never give up. I see great future ahead of you. Young composers like you with hearts of gold must make modern classical music popular again so that the young and old rush to welcome it. Your viola player has that very special touch that could certainly help you to deliver your music to the world. Value him!

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