I have previously studied piano with Rosemary O’Connor (2007-2013) and as of 2014, I have been very fortunate to be able to study under the wonderful Corey Hamm.

I have previously studied composition with Rodney Sharman, David Gordon DukeScott Good and Marcus Goddard and I have so far composed over 50 pieces of classical music for various ensembles from piano solo to full orchestra. I would like to thank David Gordon Duke for his selfless generosity and his most constructive composition lessons, patiently sitting through my whole rehearsal (for my Evergreen Concert) and whose suggestions, to both myself and the other musicians, have been very invaluable, and to thank Rodney Sharman, a fantastic composition teacher with whom I have been so fortunate to study with for two years.

Besides performing biannually at my piano recitals with the community, I have performed on a volunteer basis for seniors at care centres and for the less fortunate in the Greater Vancouver Area. In April 2012, my high school music department organized a Unicef Benefit Concert under the title “A Night of Classical Music and Poetry” where I performed 20 of my compositions. I was overwhelmed by the support I received from the principal Mr. Cober, teachers, students, friends, and the community. In Spring 2011, I was chosen to participate in Vancouver’s “Sonic Boom Festival” workshop for young composers with acclaimed composer Owen Underhill, where I performed my piece “Moonlit Waltz”. My nonet was presented for the first time in October 2012 at the Composers Workshop, under the direction of Owen Underhill from the Turning Point Ensemble. Other performances include Evergreen’s Emerging Talent Festival as well as concerts at the Vancouver Art Gallery as part of Gene Ramsbottom’s “Out for Lunch Concert Series” (Spring 2013), Tom Lee Music (November 2013) and Evergreen Cultural Centre (November 2013).



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