After starting university last September, I have not written any solo piano pieces, I apologize to all of my wonderful friends for having been inactive on the uploading front. However, I have not been idle and have been working on several other chamber music pieces which I will also upload as soon as I’m able to record them. I hope that you enjoy my new composition.

A month ago during one of our weekly studio classes with piano professor Dr. Corey Hamm, a student brought in the first movement of Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto. Dr. Hamm told us that the key to playing the famous piano introduction was to learn to revel in the beauty of a simple chord. This approach helped me in writing and recording of this piece which has a very simple two part form based essentially on four chords. Throughout the piece, I try to really acknowledge and feel the emotional impact that comes with each different chord. For this reason, it takes a long time for me to move from one section to another.

Classical Jams – Passionate Piano

Gene, so raw and simple, so beautiful, so passionate!  Yes, to revel in the beauty of a simple chord is a great thing…..showcasing the magic of each note, each sound….allowing the passion of the soul to shine through.  This is what you have done in your composition very effectively!  It’s not how many notes we play or how big the chords are that matters, it’s how each note is played.  I always go back to my favorite quote from Chopin…..”Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art”.  Thank you so much Gene!!  ~Jackie
This composition is like a movie…. – I look in the nature… mountains… water dropping on stones… – a great sound, warm sound – you play with heart and soul – with look of the nature in your head – Congratulation dear Gene and best wishes for you – Hella
 Pour ma part ,Genne je suis heureux de vous revoir à nouveau en cette composition qui m’inspire une émotion profonde. En effet, Il n’est pas toujours nécessaire de exploiter la virtuosité en nos envies profondes de sérénité musicale pour exprimer le sentiment profond de nos propres ressentis . Nous retrouvons toujours en vos compositions personnelles et une grande créativité tout comme Sergueï Rachmaninov nous a offert dans ses compositions l’émotion.  bravo! pour cette belle performance.  jacques de Vendée


Dear friends, three years ago I wrote a piano and violin duet titled “Call of the Reed” which I performed with my wonderful teacher Reg Quiring. Despite his main instrument being viola (not violin), he produced a truly emotional performance and I hope that you enjoy it!
Dear friends, 3 years ago I had the privilege to perform my piano trio “Tears of Nanjing” with the current principal cellist of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Ariel Barnes and my wonderful teacher Reg Quiring (violin) at my Unicef Benefit concert. It was a truly amazing experience and I feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to perform my own composition with two musicians of such high calibre. 
Ariel Barnes – Cello, Reg Quiring – Violin
Reg Quiring, Gene Emerson and Ariel Barnes

David Mann Artistic Director of Evergreen Cultural Centre and Gene Emerson


Jeanette Bernal-Singh, Gene Emerson and Zoltan Rozsnyai

Jeanette Bernal-Singh, Gene Emerson and Zoltan Rozsnyai


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Dearest  friends,
As approximately in half an hour, here in Vancouver we are entering the New Year
2015, I wish you all, from bottom of my heart Happy and joyous New Year!!
 It’s been a truly wonderful year and I am so grateful for all of the support that each of you has given to my music. Without your dedication and constant involvement, my music would be nothing. I hope that you all find time to relax with your friends and families over winter break and all the best in 2015, another fantastic year is just
ahead! Gene
For the past 2.5 years, I have looked forward to Rodney Sharman’s weekly composition lessons. His free spirited and charismatic method of teaching has greatly helped me to develop my style as a composer and my music would not be where it is today without him.
I am truly honoured to have studied with someone who is not only a composer of wonderfully enchanting music but who is also a great teacher.

Jean Coulthard Readings at the VSO

This morning I was fortunate enough to attend the Jean Coulthard Readings where Maestro Gordon Gerrard and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra read through six orchestral scores (chosen by Gerrard and the VSO composer in residence, Edward Top) of composers who are in the early stages of their careers. The readings were named in honour of one of British Columbia’s most cherished composers, Jean Coulthard (1908-2000). Unfortunately, I could only stay to listen to the first four pieces Imagine – Riley KoenigOmnia Causa Fiunt – Erik Engholm, Fantasia for Orchestra – Sam Kaplan and Garden of Shadow and Sorcery – Nicholas Ryan Kelly. It was a truly wonderful experience and we are very grateful to have such a wonderful program provide young composers with the chance of hearing their orchestral music in Vancouver! I had the pleasure of meeting composer Jocelyn Morlock, composer/professor Stephen Chatman, composer/student Matthew Emery and recent doctorate grad Kevin Zakresky. Also at the readings were my two fabulous composition teachers Rodney Sharman and  David Gordon Duke with whom I am pictured with below.

DSC02488Gene Emerson & David Gordon Duke

On Thursday night Feb 20, I had the honour of meeting Dr. Corey Hamm at Place Des Arts, where he gave an amazing lecture on Contemporary Music. He described to us his own intimate development of taste for music of the 20th century and onwards from his early teen years to the present. He started with his early distaste at age 14, for the Barber Piano Concerto, which he now loves and moved through the years to the fantastic piano variations in Frederic Rzewski’s “The People United Will Never Be Defeated!” (Dr. Hamm is also releasing his own performance of the variations this March). Other pieces that he mentioned in the program were Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony, Schnittke’s Concerto Grosso No. 1, and David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir – Hearing Solar Winds: Arc Descents. It was an amazingly warm and thought-provoking lecture which everyone enjoyed immensely! The most beautiful part of his presentation was his comment on how classical music would never die and that there are still great masterpieces being created now, in the 21st century which will be recognized 100 years from now. After the lecture, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hamm and taking a picture with him. DSC02363

Gene Emerson & Dr. Corey Hamm

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 7.37.35 PMDSC02321
Gene Ramsbottom and Gene Emerson
My Report for 2013
As we enter the new year of 2014, I would like to take this opportunity to
review, sum up and provide a report for 2013 to all of my teachers, friends and supporters of my musical endeavours.
      The pieces that I have written in 2013 include Dance of the Wild Spirit (piano), Genghis Khan (piano), Suite d’Insectes (clarinet/piano also arranged for alto saxophone/piano), Miniature Waltz (Orchestral), Autumn Dance (viola/piano), Piano Trio II (violin, cello, piano), Tableau of a Gadfly (violin, cello, piano) and Song of the Sailor (violin, viola, cello).
     I have had three major performances last year which include Gene Ramsbottom’s popular Out for Lunch Concert Series (in its 27th year) at the Vancouver Art Gallery, my recital at Tom Lee Music and the Evergreen Cultural Centre concert at the end of November.
     I would like to sincerely thank all my wonderful music teachers who have worked with me over the years to help me improve and grow.
Thank you to my great composition teachers, David Gordon Duke for his absolutely selfless generosity and the most constructive composition lessons, patiently sitting through my whole rehearsal (for Evergreen Concert) and whose suggestions, to both myself and the other musicians, have been very invaluable, and Rodney Sharman, a fantastic composition teacher with whom I have been so fortunate to study with for the past two years; Ross Salvosa and Rosemary O’Connor (my piano teachers); Dorothy Chang (UBC School of Music) for her kind advice and valuable guidance; Reg Quiring (composition); my dedicated high school and middle school teachers: Mr. Glenn David, Mr. Ray Faoro and Mrs. Kathy Fester; Scott Good (composition) and Marcus Goddard (composition). Also, I would like to express my special thanks to Owen Underhill from the Turning Point Ensemble who conducted and provided valuable advice for my nonet and my solo piano piece Moonlit Waltz as well as all the wonderful musicians from the Turning Point Ensemble who read the piece at the Sonic Boom Festival Workshop for Composers. I am truly fortunate to have had the pleasure of performing with Zoltan Rozsnyai, Jeanette Bernal-Singh, Reg Quiring, Gene Ramsbottom, Marcus Takizawa, Ariel Barnes and Mr. Glenn David.
    Thank you to my wonderful friends and supporters both at home and abroad, AbendstundeAnselmonadir; H. Barenzcao; Jozsef Birta; Andrea, George and Kristina Brizuela; Shamar ButcherRen C.; Christian Camacho; Isis Capon; Chris and Mayka; CiaoumahJacques Cinelli; Roger Conner Jr.; CorteslastChristopher Dallo; Hella Dmetreschen; Chris DunnRobin Easton; Kristian Eisen; Maxim Fisher; Fabian Fritz; Gunter Guerrero; Francois GermainMustafa Hanafy (for compiling my photos along side Arabic music to create an amazing video) ; Klaus Himmelschloss; Algy Ho; Samantha and David Huang; Jjkircher314 (for dedicating one of my favourite videos “Plisetskaya, Persian Dance from Khovanshchina of Mussorgsky” to me); John Kirby; Adam Kyle; Louise Legare; Leonie; Robert De Ocampo Lepsoe; Lingxi Li; MarMart; Dr. David Maycher and Jennifer Wile; Messimo Meterni; Moomatre; Anssi Nisula; Andrew Nero; Baz Odink (for dedicating his beautiful composition “Of Russia and Canada, A story in two Micromovements” to me); Masashi Okada; Achi Oragvelidze; Yrreg Ortsac/g1cast (who has done an incredible job of creating over 200 amazing videos with my music); Michelle and Vera Podrebersek; Lilli and Walter Quiring; Adam Rainstopper; ReekashadeReneeRadmilla Res; Lonnie Robinson; Fredhelm Ross; Phillip Rostek; John S.; Isabel Salavessa; Brian Schift; Akaal Singh; Samantha Starkey; Femme Suisse; Curtis Tindel; John Underwood; Paul White; Phillip Wilcher; Amber Wong; Chestina Wong; Luiza and Hajdana Zlatovic; and all of my other friends including those on YouTube and Facebook. You have always been an endless source of positive encouragement.
For my Evergreen Concert, I would like to extend a warm thank you to Artistic Director, David Mann (a truly dedicated artist, he originally initiated the idea of my performance at Evergreen Cultural Centre) I am profoundly touched by his  kind encouragement and invaluable support and Interim Marketing Manager, Meghan Bell as well as to our sponsors, Veronica Ren, Tom Lee Music (a special thank you to Aida Liang, Irene Quan, Dallas Todd and Jerry Chang), Pasta Polo (Fred Soofi), The Georgia Straight, Boyd Auto-body & Glass (Gerry Sly), Thrifty Foods, JNL, Canadian Tire, Olivier’s Breads, Plateau Village Dental Centre (Dr. Allen Shen), Douglas College, IGA Market Place, Tri-City Laser Light Therapy (Dr. Bennet), MacDonald Realty, Quiring Music, Mayor Mike Clay, Heidi Moulin and Yong Yi Zhu. I would also like to extend a special thank you to Mayor Mike Clay for his continuos support.
     I have to emphasize, that without all the great support, advice and kind encouragement that I have continuously received it would not be possible to compose in the way that I have. I will be always grateful to all my teachers, fellow musicians and friends. Lastly, I would like to thank my parents and my brother Cyrus for their love and support.
     I am enthusiastically looking forward to a very fruitful year in 2014. I will be working on an orchestral piece as well as other smaller chamber/piano pieces which I will be uploading on to YouTube for all of my friends to see. Please visit both my Facebook page and YouTube channel which I will be constantly updating with news.
I wish you all the best in the year of 2014!
With all my love,

Some comments on Gene’s music

“In my forty years of teaching high school music, Gene was the only student that had the desire to pursue music composition and possessed the necessary theory skills to follow through. Also, having a playing knowledge of several instruments allows her to consider their suitability for her compositions. Gene appreciates the universality of music and its power to draw humanity together in the true spirit of love, compassion and brotherhood. Listen carefully and you’ll feel the love.”

- Glenn David
Dedicated,respected and beloved music teacher in Greater Vancouver Area

“Dear sweet soul, you brought tears to my eyes and goose bumps on my arms. I am so moved by your open heart and beautiful spirit. Your music is rich with innocence and freshness …I cannot listen to your music without being profoundly moved.”

- Robin Easton, Author, Speaker and Musician

….. Watching this impressive benefit concert(Unicef)makes me feel ‘proud’… I realize …. that Gene has become (or even better: still is) an artist who deserves to be taken serious, by all of us. In 2011 I wrote “Of Russia and Canada; a Story in Two Micromovements” (piano-solo) for Gene in a time we were, yet living thousands of miles away from each other, more ‘connected-than-imaginable’ on just ‘digital-based’ contact… And now, of all pieces, it’s this one that led me back to Gene and this video: loyal and dedicated as I know her, she commented on ‘our piece’ again yesterday: a rather emotional moment for me. Dear Gene, you are a gift to all who are able to connect with you and your music. You inspire me more than one can imagine..

With love and respect, your friend and colleague,

             - Baz Odink  Composer/Pianist from The Netherlands


I believe in beauty even sometimes its hard to find it. Watching this video(Unicef benefit concert) moved me so much because I could see it. Congratulations Gene for your gifts and thank you for sharing this wonderful moment!

- Jorge Brizuela Sr.

I came to your Pre-Concert Recital on Nov 16th. 2013  It was wonderful to listen to some of your new and old compositions live and as always your music touches my heart. In my humble opinion, the Autumn Dance is one of your finest compositions. As usual, your music is full of melody. In your Autumn Dance you describe the joy of autumn so well; change of colors, leaves are falling, …. I love your creativity. Thanks again for the show and also a huge kudos to the violist.

- Lisa Armstrong

Concerning Piano trio II:  yes! yes! yes!  How dramatic it becomes for the Allegretto!  At about 6:50 it becomes very special indeed, speaking to larger than just personal emotion…very mature and profound composing.  It is too easy to get wistful and just rummage through your emotions, but the mature composer reaches for the bigger goals, the transcendent ebb and flow of history, even of existence.  That is the difference between “songwriting” and “composing” in the deeper sense. This trio is composing!  Wonderful composition that gives you a road forward, but of course you already know that, don’t you? Concerning Autumn Dance:  yet another beautiful composition, very wonderful composing for both instruments, the development and sound is now becoming very nicely mature and your composition more wonderful and complex. How touching the 2nd movement is, thoughts of autumn and the French sound just before what I guess I would call the dance and “rondo” at the finish the theme 9:30 to 9:45 wonderfully realized, sound without pretension, very nicely done, it bears repeated listening.

- Roger Conner Jr

There are artisans, and there are artists. The difference is in the intangibles. Works of artisans may be complex in form but shallow in essence for lack of a “soul”. I call it a “soul” because it’s intangible. You write from your heart, you play from your heart, and your music resonates in my heart. That’s soul. You are a true artist. Your are mature way beyond your age. I adore you, I admire you, and I respect you… Concerning Piano Trio II:  Truly amazing. Beautiful opening Adagio, it’s calm, lyrical, yet with a strong emotional undercurrent. Then comes Allegretto that finishes with passionate excitement.  Lovely, lovely. Incredible. Concerning Suites D’Insectes:  You never cease to amaze me with your enormous talent. Your music always touches my heart and evoke emotional response. That’s true artistry, not to mention how incredible you are technically as well. … As I said before, I adore you, I admire you, and I respect you.  I know your last concert was a great success.

- Ren C

I always fall under your compositional glamour, Queen Titania. And how beautifully you have captured the somber joy of autumn(in Autumn Dance), as summer fades and winter looms–you’re piano performance is excellent, as well as that of your violist. And I’m always a sucker for that three-movement sonata format! You’re a musician after my own heart–guilty of too much sentiment, which others mistake as weakness–I continue to gape at your meteoric rise towards musical maturity
                                                - Chris Dunn



Kangwa Mundende

Gene, My name is Kangwa Mundende. I am studying double bass and composition here in the US at the University of Central Oklahoma. I absolutely love this piece (Glorious Morning). I’m not afraid to say that this is one of my favourite pieces i’ve ever listened to. It is so rich in harmony. The melody just sings. This touches my heart and brings a tear of musical joy to my eye. It is so refreshing. I feel the future of classical music is in good hands. Thank you for your talent.
Kangwa Mundende


Isabel Salavessa

Mesmerizing. The way you play cannot be written, only played with the sincerity of the own composer, you.


 I’m going through (listening to) all your re-uploaded music and I’m thinking to myself, is this for real? I can hardly find words to say what all your gorgeous compositions do to me apart from shutting me up in awe. Just marvelous, the world has been waiting a long time for someone like you. Thank you so much Gene, you just made the world a better place


This music(Glorious Morning)owns the season of spring. Except for few occasional thunderstorms, and cloud cover, every morning drive we do here in the prairie might as well have Gene’s Glorious morning playing out of the car’s radio. Very nicely done video it kept me glued to the screen curious what comes next. I can imagine you guys had great fun editing it/producing it.


Gene, what a beautiful composition!(Nostalgia)  Ah, the simplicity, elegance, and quiet power of one lovely lady sitting in an empty room playing the piano :-)  What a rare and welcome treat from you!  You are an amazingly gifted composer and this was really special to me.  Excellent chord progressions and perfect dynamics, too.  I feel your music!  This had it all, a melancholy sadness, but also hope, joy, and a painful romantic longing. A great piano portrait depicting the remembrance of days gone by!  BRAVO!! ~Jackie


Very nice performance and a lot of talent. Everything is perfect, nice to see and listen. bravo! Dear Gene, I have let myself wander into your dream and your music. Warm greetings – François -

Gene Emerson Poster v1 Oct 3-page-001

16 year old Young Canadian Composer presents for the first time three new original compositions accompanied by Vancouver Symphony Orchestra musicians Zoltan Rozsnyai (cello), Jeanette Bernal-Sing (violin) and Reg Quiring (viola).  Also, Gene will present her original composition duet: Suite D’Insecte for piano and clarinet with distinguished clarinet player Gene Ramsbottom. Gene’s unique style and her emotional compositions have already created a sensation. We invite everyone to join us for this exciting one of a kind concert.

 There would be  a reception after the concert with complementary catering from the local popular restaurant: Pasta Polo, Fred Soof